Nozzles for coil winding machines are widely used in the electronic component industry as wire guides for automatic coil winding machines using CNC control.

The safety and reliability of electronic components is said to be affected by the nozzle quality. In addition to many years of product development, we provide superior ruby type and tungsten carbide type nozzles to the market.


(1) Shape and Finish

*For both the ruby type and the tungsten carbide type, the shape of the tip and the shape of the wire entrance have a smooth radius to prevent scratching the insulative coating when winding the coil. Furthermore, those places have also been polished to a high precision.

(2) Ruby Type

*The ruby type has excellent wear resistance so that a high precision polished surface, feature of single crystal materials, can be obtained. This minimizes damage to the insulative coating during the coiling process.

*Suitable for high voltage applications where electrical safety is highly required.

*The metal body is made from a single piece of stainless steel pipe, so there are no differences in height at the joints, and the wire can smoothly travel from the inlet  to the outlet.


(3) Tungsten Carbide Type

*The tungsten carbide type can be safety operated continuously while maintaining a set gap between the coil and the nozzle so that the tip is not bent even if there is additional loading while winding the coil.

*If the nozzle and the coil hit each other, the nozzle will break without bending, which will result in the wire breaking and the coil winding machine automatically stopping.

*Capable of handling smaller nozzle tip outer diameters which are required to make precision electronic components more compact.

*It is made from a single piece d tungsten carbide, so that there are no height differences at the joints. and therefore, the wire can smoothly travel from the inlet to the outlet


Standard Specification



Ruby Type

Tungsten Carbide Type


1R. 2R. 3A. 4R. 5R.


Minimum ID of tip

0.10mm ~

0.10mm ~

Minimum OD of tip

0.70mm ~

0.50mm ~

OD of Mount

2mm  3mm  4mm

2mm  3mm

Total length

10mm ~ 50mm

10mm ~ 50mm


1. Ruby + stainless pipe

1. Tungsten Carbide single piece



2. Tungsten Carbide+stainless pipe



      •Compatible with nozzles for coil winding machine by all other manufacturers.


All types on relays, solenoids, small transformers, fly-back transformers, AC adapters, ignition coils, sensor coils, buzzer coils, micro-motors, stepping motors, magnetic head coils, electronic coils, coil chip Inductors, filters, IT telecommunication equipment coils, office automation equipment coils






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