Vitrified Bond CBN Wheel

Our CBN Wheel is a highly valued diamond grinding wheel for PCD/PCBN materials. The new CBN wheel was developed based on CBN wheel technologies and experience. CBN wheel is non-porous. However, the formation of adequate chip pockets, because of moderate bond wear, allows chips flow. This new feature permits continuous grinding with long interval dressing. As a result, wheel conditioning is readily achieved.

CBN Wheel contains chemically bonded abrasive grits. Therefore, the increased grit retention prevents wasteful grain pull out for better grinding ratio and lower costs. Further, the need to correct machining dimensions is reduced by the minimized wheel wear. The vitrified bond has higher rigidity than resin bond, providing high-accuracy machining.


What is CBN ?

CBN stands for cubic boron nitride. It is a synthetic substance that does not exist in nature. It is the hardest known substance after diamond, about twice as far as alumina or silicon carbide. In addition to being hard CBN tends to cleave by just the right amount, causing micro fractures at the abrasive face, so the wheel is always sharp, producing excellent cutting performance.

Diamond reacts chemically with iron, cobalt, nickel and other metals, and wears as a result of grinding them. So it is not the most suitable for grinding such metals. On the other hand, CBN does not react chemically with such metals, so it is ideal for grinding ferrous metals and alloys. Moreover, CBN has better heat resistance than diamond. It oxidizes slowly, and remains stable at temperatures up to 1,200 C.




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