ARGO’s “Fine Machining Technology” and “Precision Polishing Technology” have a high reputation among our customers. We have solidified our position in the market through these two core technologies. We will continue to develop new unique technologies to provide product that could only be imagined, for that is our new role in the market.


Our products make effective use of ceramic materials to achieve high quality, high performance, and a long operating life at a low cost. We are flexible to the various needs of our customers, who can choose from our broad lineup of products, or request unique specifications and small lot production.



l       High quality and performance achieved by diamond polishing

l       Excellent cost performance demonstrated by unique integrated production and machining system.

l       Response to many models and many different needs such as metallic surface finishing and silicon carbide ceramics.

l       Rapid response for unique specification, small lot, and prototype products.













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