Diamond Pen

ダイヤモンドペン ■Dペン■Dポイントペン
■ Features

Core adopts a special processing of fine diamonds, can be used in the sense pen.
Thin line is inscribed in the book. (Please see photos.)
■ Applications

Glass fixtures, plate glass, and fill the hard ceramic material, and dark lines.
Cemented carbide, hardened steels to the marking process and hardening steel.
You can also fill out a smooth and relatively soft plastic material that
Dペン先端部Dペン 記入状態拡大写真

Dpoint pen

■ Features

One to two single-crystal diamond is used as a wick.
Very hard materials (Ruby Sapphire), you can easily write KUKKIRI.
Line 1 is inscribed in the book. (Please see photos.)
■ Applications

It is a single crystal diamond, can be used with confidence in the semiconductor material.
Marking can be easy or to hard metal and mold.

Dポイントペン先端部Dポイントペン 記入状態拡大写真



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